Cameron Platter (born 1978 Johannesburg) lives and works in Shaka’s Rock, KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa.

Working in video, drawing, and sculpture, his is an ultra-primitive, anti-aesthetic view on what it means to be alive today in South Africa; an intoxicating vision of Good vs. Evil, documenting contemporary morality through the telling of simple stories drawn from the media, TV, cinema, art, history, pornography, war and peace, politics, music, and religion.

The rarely seen video My BM is Bigger Than Yours (2004, 20min 46sec, colour) is a key work in his filmic production – rough and raw animation and editing, profoundly funny, overly convoluted, using imagery to its utmost end, and poking fun at everything from art through to society’s hypocritical institutions.

It is the complex, interwoven narrative of a leopard bent on total world domination; a drugsmuggling, gun-racketeering gangster crocodile; a down-and-out, hard-drinking crocodile detective; the femme fatale ex-stripper LaShawna; secret agent John Muafangejo; and the biblical Killer Zebras from Outer Space, all thrown together in a noir tale of betrayal, double-crossing and gratuitous gore. Platter has been called: “the delinquent love child of Quentin Tarantino and Dr Seuss”, “the undisputed king of Afro-bling,” and “an agent provocateur with a sinister agenda”.

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