Born in 1966 in Madagascar, lives and works in Paris.

I build a world elaborated from a repetitive and proliferating simple biological model. Indeed, I treat and reinterpret the cellular model, metaphor of the body-organism. This obsession of the circular motive, this “picture” which I call “biomotive”, meets in the choice of the format of the showed triptych.

“Tondo” can remind a microscopic view in section, which focuses not on cells but on convolutions of the “painting-organs”. The color spreads, soaked in fibers to form pink encephalic convolutions, green visceral, osseous black threads.

This organic trilogy evokes an internal exploration which questions an unstable identity in a world in transformation. I find it in this Henri Michaux’s poem, the Lobe of monsters: “After my third relapse, I saw by the internal sight my sticky brain and in folds, I saw macroscopicly its lobes and its centers of which almost none worked more and I expected rather to see pus or tumor form there “ (Hardships, exorcisms, 1940-1944).

See online : Site officiel de Amalia RAMANANKIRAHINA

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