Papa Amadou Khoudia TOUNKARA

Born in 1973 in Dakar (Senegal). Lives and works in Tokyo.

After a passage by the School of Law of Dakar, he turns to the fine arts and graduates from the National School of Fine Arts of Dakar in 1998.

His training leads him then to Tokyo where he attends successively classes of Japanese Painting at the Suidobata Fine Arts Academy in 2003, then of Graphic Design at the multimedia course of the Matisse Academy and, finally, of Textile Digital Printing at the Bunka Fashion College.

The artist has dedicated an important part of his work to fabric dyeing (Batik) but it is his work as a painter that retains us here. All his very own influences coalesce in a firework of colors, which yet does not mask the delicacy of his work and his maturity.

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