Born in Dakar in 1957, lives and works in Berlin (Germany).

Obtaining his diploma from the National Institute of Arts of Senegal, he participated in numerous exhibitions in Africa and in Europe. He also continues his researches in the design and the fashion and experiments the digital arts, the sculpture, the installations and the photography. The signs of the cultures of the--- Bambara, Bobo and Dogon peoples strongly influenced his artistic approach after a stay in Mali.

It is in the Biennale of 2008 that he is a co-prizewinner of Grand Prix Léopold Sédar SENGHOR. “ As media artist, supporter of the introduction of the New Techniques of the Information and the Communication in the field of the Art, the Biennale is the privileged field to realize all my artistic projects. The allocation of the prize represents an additional motivation to pursue the reflection and allow the African contemporary Art a presence on the international scene. Really, it allowed me to tie contacts with the other artists and to lay the foundations for a new representativeness of the African Art worldwide. “

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