Born in 1954 in Karentaba ( Senegal), lives and works in Dakar.

Having graduated of the Superior Teachers’Training College of Arts Education of Dakar, obtaining a diploma from the International Experimental School of Art and Researches of Nice (France). President of the National Association of the Visual artists of Senegal (ANAPS) he’s also been a member of the Economic and Social Council of the Republic of Senegal. He teaches at the National School of Arts of Dakar.

Since its paintings with multiple pockets until his human installations and his performances, no domain of the contemporary art escapes him. In a tremendous installation, a sociological investigation as much as work of art, which gives to see, to read and to meditate, it evokes, too, the painful question of the emigration.

“ To participate in a biennale, especially that of Dakar constitutes a consecration, a recognition for a visual artist, a challenge. To be prize-winner of the Grand Prix imposes more deepening, more requirement in the research for more customization of my work. Every release is expected to measure the “ time of research “ gone through. To widen the field of the visual arts and to push farther the perspectives constitute an obsession for me. “

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