Moustapha DIMÉ

Born in 1952 and died in 1998 in Senegal.

Fascinated by the work of the wood, he learns it within the craftsmen of the lébou community of Dakar. He follows during four years from 1966 till 1970 the education of the Training Center Craft of Dakar and stays regularly in the Gambia. He travels during several years between Mali, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria, to confront his eye and his technique with the other cultures of old tradition of sculpture.

From 1977 till 1979 he attends the class of the School of Arts of Dakar. In 1982, he settles down in the Village of Arts, then opens a workshop-center of training in Gorée island in 1993. Representative of Senegal in 1979 in the games of the Francophony in Rabat, he is a prize-winner of Grand Prix of the Biennale DAK’ART in 1992 and selected for prestigious Biennale of Venice in 1993.

His death at 46 years interrupts a fascinating process of artistic creation with a sculpture made by everything and nothing and by an undeniable poetry.

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