Ndary LO

Born in 1961 in Tivaouane (Senegal), lives and works in Dakar.

After university studies of English he chooses to attend the School of Arts of Dakar. He participated a lot of exhibitions all around the world, in particular in Madagascar where he was selected in 1997 for the Games of the Francophony.

Rewarded in 1995 by the Prize of the National Exhibition of the Senegalese Visual Artists and in 1996 by the Prize of the Young African Contemporary Creation in the Biennale of Dakar. He was Prize-winner of Grand Prix Léopold Sédar Senghor in the Biennale of Dakar of 2002 and in that of 2008, only artist to obtain twice this prestigious rewards.

The steel reinforcement bar is its material of preference which he joins, which he welds, he rusts and he varnishes and which he dresses with so many residues that the close beach can offer it to him. His threadlike works, in group or isolated, have a presence and a personality which amaze and question us.

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