Michèle MAGEMA

Born in 1977 in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo), lives and works in Paris (France).

Arrived in France in 1984, she pursues her schooling and obtains her diploma from the Graduate School of Arts of Cergy, in 2002. She had also a Bachelor’s degree of fine art of the University of Paris 8.

It is during the Biennale of 2004 that she obtains Grand Prix Léopold Sédar SENGHOR. “Her artistic work where get involved videographic and photographic practices, sets up itself in an intermediate zone, on a border which she produced, and which she placed between the double western and African projections. Of a composite identity, the plurality of her origins authorizes her to question her history and that of the nation, the continent and more widely the World.

The relationship which she maintains with the stories, and the History also allows her to invent a critical posture to dismember better what holds place of a widely shared representation, and what came to replace the History: the exoticism”.

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