Born in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) in 1940, lives and work there.

1st Prize of sculpture of “All Ethiopian School” in 1958, the year when he ends his secondary education, he attends the class of a school of crafts in 1961 then the School of Fine Arts of Addis Ababa of which he finished obtaining a diploma and where he will teach from 1964 till 1968. Independent artist from 1969 till 1979 he began again to teach at the School of Fine Arts of Addis Ababa since 1979 in the Department of the graphic arts. He also works for the television since 1987.

Prize-winner of the Biennale DAK’ART 1992, he obtains the Second Prize of Kenya Art Panorama in 1993; he had been one of the artists presented individually in DAK’ART 1996.

Essentially painter, he is known for his panels painted on bamboo, canvas or wood which appear in important public and private collections worldwide. Taking his technique from the traditional icons which are a part of the artistic heritage of Ethiopia, he knew how to bring--- his touch of modernity in the forms and the perspectives with a happiness which continues to delight us.

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