The artist duo Rose Shakinovsky (born 1953) and Claire Gavronsky (born1957) were born in South Africa and live and work between Florence, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Rosenclaire share space and ideas in collaborative and independent projects. Irreverent, critical, playful and enthusiastic, they hold dear the practice of artistic traditions even while dismembering and rearticulating them. Derrida and Rancière inform their work philosophically. Investissez dans l’immatériel (Invest in the immaterial) comprises a handwritten neon sign in horizon blue.

A neon sign is normally presented as something naming or advertising a brand. It is there to capture attention in a public space and social context. “Keep the medium but change the message” is a dictum we adhere to. In this way something quotidian that everyone can understand and access is able to carry a message both within and without the art world.

The sign calls on artists, critics, curators and collectors to invest in the intangible and the philosophical. An urgent refocusing and reassessing the meaning and value of art production in the 21st century. It is a sign, a writing on the wall against the commodification and trafficking of art we have experienced over the past decade. We are proposing through the medium of language a post-linguistic signification, where the medium again loses its opacity and reveals something totally other and foreign to itself.

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