Stéphanie Hoareau

Born in 1982 in Paris, Stephanie Hoareau specializes in painting, photography and multimedia. In 2008 she took part in the «Cultures Creoles » exhibition at the Alliance Française of Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. In 2010 she obtains her Master of Arts (DNSEP). In 2011 she exhibits at the Orangerie of the Senate in the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris, within the year of the Outre-mer (representing Reunion Island). She also participated in the « Kaloo Bang Festival » exhibition of St Denis de la Reunion and at the Reunion Biennale in 2011.

« Bélouve »: It is through immersion that this whole panorama explores the reality of an emotional landscape and refers to an experience where the only remembrances are the physical sensations and sensitive perceptions of the venue. The choice of this composition comes from the desire to open space and achieve a whole. A set that seizes and re-creates a landscape by sublimating, highlighting the emotions proper to the experience of place. Through this proposition, a sensitive relationship between the viewer and the “lived”, felt landscape is established. While questioning the traditional medium of landscape painting, “ Bélouve “ set a committed glance at the relationship between the fascination for exceptional landscapes and physical and emotional relationship perceived in these actual landscapes.

The art work "Bélouve" was acquired by the Contemporary Art Collection of the City of Saint-Pierre (Réunion island) in 2010.
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