Katia Kameli

Katia Kameli is an Algerian artist, director and producer. She lives in Paris. She obtained her DNSEP from the National School of Fine Arts in Bourges and then joined the ‘College-Invisible’ post-graduate of Fine Arts in Marseille, directed by Paul Devautour.
Her work is inseparable from her own experience, from her plural identity. Protean, it expresses the in-between through which the sign of belonging is rejected in favor of multiplicity. Its position is therefore that of hybridity, the “third space” that makes possible the emergence of alternative visions, of positions, of forms. The third space disturbs the stories that constitute it, places them in critical condition and therefore allows rewriting, back and forth between « History » and « Narratives ». The heterogeneous techniques she manipulates: video, photography, installation and drawing also participate in this movement.
In 2007-2008 she won the Paris-New York, Cultures France residency at Location One in New York. Her work has found visibility and recognition on the international art and film scene at, among others: French Cinémathèque, Manifesta 8, Wallace Gallery (New York), Center for Contemporary Art (Tel Aviv), gallery Anne de Villepoix (Paris), Rotunda Galley (New-York).

« Untitled » : filmed in Algiers during the Arab spring, it refers to the situation of women in the Arab world and questions the idea of revolution. Here, it is a silent revolution, where the mute banners show no slogans.

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