Wanja Kimani

Born in 1986, in Kenya, Wanja Kimani is a visual and performance artist living in Ethiopia. She studied fine art at the University of the Creative Arts, Canterbury.
Wanja is a young woman who pushes her own boundaries. She has participated in several group shows, including, Following: On Photography and Film, at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn in 2007, P[H]OETRY at Larry Loves You at the Bar Kick, Shoreditch, London in 2008, Sleeping With Strangers at the Foundry, Old Street in London in 2009, and Pieces of Me at the Firstsite in Colchester in UK. She also participated in Images of Africa as one of the speakers at the Royal Holloway, University of London in November 2011. Wanja’s artwork often focuses on issues of social conscience and the perception of home and identity.

« You have not changed » : The piece reflects the vulnerability of remembrance and longing for intimacy through the relationship between a father and his estranged daughter. Phrases are taken from conversations the pair have at their long-awaited reunion and embroidered on to the dress she wore at the time of separation. Acting as a point of departure from a static view of home and childhood, the piece offers itself as an object of recollection that shows that if ever there was a panacea for internal displacement, time it is.

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