Pascal Konan

Pascal Konan was born in 1979 in Ivory Coast. He has an Art History degree and studied at School for Arts Education and at the National School of Fine Arts in Abidjan, where he graduated as a major in 2007.
Both art teacher and artist, Pascal paints the warm tones of cities and sites of reconstruction as well as the hushed intimacy of childhood and family with equal success. This flexibility demonstrates a technical maturity already sanctioned by several awards and honors: « Special Jury Prize » at the Water Festival at Jacqueville in 2003, winner of the « Guy Nairay grand prize » in 2007, medal of the cultural competition at the Cen-Sad Games of 2009 in Niamey, and official selection for « the Francophonie Games » in Beirut, Lebanon. Konan represents one of the best examples of current figurative painting from Ivory Coast.

« Sous les tropiques » : Through this work, Pascal is the interpreter of a particular emotion, that of the African city with its crowds, its noises, its smells, its cultural mix, its language and its heat. His comprehensive approach to painting is the exaltation of a happy childhood spent in a suburb of Abidjan, yet witnessing the precariousness of an Africa struggling with urbanity.

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