Applications for Dak’Art 2014 will start in may 2013.

Statistics on the applications for Dak’Art 2012

PDF - 294.9 kb
Statistiques candidatures Dak’Art 2012

Applications for Dak’Art 2012 are closed since the 20th of december 2011.

This candidacy concerns exclusively the African artists and African Diaspora artists.

The Biennale of Contemporary African Art, Dak’Art 2012 willl take place in Dakar from May 11 th until June 10th 2012.

Application documents must reach the General Secretariat of the Biennale lately :

the 20 th of december 2011

The duly completed application documents must be sent to the following address:

Secrétariat Général de la Biennale de Dakar
19, Avenue Hassan II (ex Avenue Albert Sarraut)
B.P. 3865 Dakar – RP. Sénégal

PDF - 82.3 kb
Regulation Dak’Art 2012

Candidates must read carefully and download beside :

  1. the application form (.pdf) to be filled in Acrobat and sent back by email.
  2. the general regulation (.pdf) (COMING SOON in English)

How to fill this form and send it:

- Complete all the fields in this form directly in Adobe Acrobat Reader (not printed or digitalized please).
- If you don’t have a PDF Reader, download the free reader on .
- Then do save as>save with the small icon that looks like a floppy disk in the top left of the page or Ctrl + S or "apple"+S on Mac.
- Rename it with your name+first name to avoid confusion between the filled file and the empty one. Click on Save and save it on your desktop.
- Open this file and check that it is dully filled.
- send it attached by mail to
- Print one copy of this form and join it to your application portfolio that you will send by post.

Application portfolio :

Excerpt from the General Regulation of the Biennale of African Contemporary Art :

« Article 7 : The International Exhibition is opened to African artists with also a presence of African Diaspora artists. African artists as Diaspora artists must send application documents to the General Secretariat of the Biennale of African Contemporary Art ».

Application portfolio must include the following documents digitalized and burnt on one Cd-rom or DVD :

  1. Application letter mentioning the acceptance of the regulation
  2. Detailed curriculum vitae: civil status, studies, exhibitions, awards, residencies, publications, links on the web.
  3. A biography of maximum 400 words in French and/or in English
  4. Two recent portrait photographs passport size (printed AND digitalized)
  5. Five color copies of recent works (less than 2 years old).
  6. The form dully filled to send by email (add a print copy of this form in your portfolio).
  7. Some copies of published articles in art magazines and art critic articles on the artist’s work, one or several statements from well known experts (optional).


- The works submitted to selection must not have been shown yet into an international exhibition.
- Text documents (CV, articles, letter, descriptions) must be sent only in RTF or PDF (text format, no scanned textes).
- Pictures and photos documents, included your portrait photos must be JPEG, TIFF or PNG files in high resolution, 300 dots per inch (necessary for catalogue).
- However, artists unable to give digitalized documents are allowed to send application documents printed on paper.
- Each picture file must be named with an explicit title and joined to each one, a text file with name of the file, name of the artist, title of the work, technical description, year, size, name of the photographer of the work (obligatory).
- For photos printed on paper, these details must appear on the back of each photo.
- INSTALLATIONS : join to the application a detailed description of the installations, if necessary a plan and sketches of the installation.
- VIDEO WORKS / DIGITAL ART : Join to the application a Cd-rom or DVD of the works and any useful information to install the work in the exhibition space.
- These documents will not be returned to the artist after the deliberations of the selection committee. They will be added to the Documentation Centre of the Biennale.
- Incomplete applications shall not be considered.

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