Jamila Lamrani

Born in 1972, Moroccan artist Jamila Lamrani graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan in 1998. In 2002 she participated in the Biennale of Contemporary African Art in Dakar, Senegal. In 2010 several personal exhibitions are displayed at Le Cube Independent Art Room of Rabat where she presents « Mémoire 2 » and « Fabric of memory » at SANAA Gallery of Utrecht in Nederlands. End of 2010 she is invited to set an installation for the opening of Villa Matisse Art Gallery in Marrakech. In February 2011, her last works are exhibited in a solo show in the Gallery of Villa Delaporte in Casablanca.

« La mariée » (The Bride) : “ This photographic installation shows us a partial portrait of a woman, life sized, white, veiled. Does she avoid our gaze by timidity, or by hesitation? Was the bride happy? Did she escape her predestined role of wife or she was just curious and full of life, looking outside the frame? A frame that encloses her, a frame that reassures her? So many questions, so many interpretations. What catches the fugitive body, what prevents her from going, is a mass of white tulle that comes out from the surface and piles up on the floor. « To fill the void that is traced by this photography, is an action that seeks to revive and find an area of ongoing permanence by all these elements I use to intervene in space. »

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