Born in Dakar in 1973, Henri Sagna graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Dakar. He was part of many Dak’Art OFF. In 2005 he exhibited at the Claire Kane studio in Dakar and during the Burkina Faso National Cultural Week and received the prize of the National Salon for visual artists in Senegal. He took part in « Contemporary Senegal » at the Dapper Museum in Paris in 2006, 3rd edition of “Urban Sculpture” at Artefact in Montreal in 2007, « Détour » Moleskine at the Der Dinge Museum in Berlin in 2008 and Pan-African festival in Algiers in 2009.

« Voleur d’âmes II »: this installation consists of recycled items: mosquito nets, percale fabric, wire, perfume bottles. With these materials, Henri Sagna talks about the fight against malaria in order to raise awareness of people. Also using the mosquito as a metaphor, he implies a more global fight against injustice and death.

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