Léopold Dagnang-Ne-Wendé Segueda, alias Segson, was born in 1979 in Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso. After his childhood in a village near Ghana’s border, he rejoins in Ouagadougou the studio of the painter Zare Fayssal, a former student of Babs. Founding his personal figurative style, he depicts scenes of village and city life. He gives faces and souls to the trees, while humans are cartooned and ridiculous.

« Ambiance nocturne » (Nightlife) : the “maquis” tavern at dusk offers to the common man, the keen supporter of football, or to the stressed clerk a festive moment tinged with urban musical vibrations cut from “coupé décalé ” dance, reggae and the most claimant rap. Through painting and collage, the graffiti on his canvas echoes approximate words spouting after a few drinks ingested late in the evening...

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