Mamady SEYDI

Born in Dakar in 1970, Mamady Seydi lives in Mbour (Senegal) and is a graduate of the National School of Arts in Dakar. His installations refer to Senegalese proverbs. They aim to reflect a society where, restlessly in a slightly cyclical way, you have to fight against evil, wickedness and human stupidity. Seydi received the “Francophonie” prize at Dak’Art 2000, the “ART OMI International” (USA) prize and in 2003 the prize of the Senegalese Visual Artists Fair.

« Celui qui ne sait pas où il va, doit retourner d’où il vient ? » (The one that does not know where he goes, must return where he comes from?): During the crisis of 2008, a fuel shortage created endless lines at gas stations, everyone eager to be served first. Inspired by this scene, the work is a race of half-human, half-animal characters (man being able to reveal his ‘animalistic’ side when his survival is at stake) on carts, carriages and bicycles or driving wheelbarrows. These archaic modes of transport are reminiscent of our ancestors who had no experience of oil or were not as dependant.

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