Born in 1957 in Porto-Novo (Benin), Julien Sinzogan graduated from the Special School of Public Works of Paris. He headed the Department of Digital Images (LICIA-Paris) before embarking on painting, his lifelong passion. Creator of an original figurative work, he uses raffia, papyrus, burlap or bark and sawdust but especially Indian ink. Between realism and fantasy, the open wound of the slave trade, the world of Vodun [divinity in Fongbe, Benin], the position of man in nature, the many facets of a common mystical inspiration are themes that run as a filigree from one painting to another created by this painter-poet. Her talent is expressed in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe, Africa, the United States and the Middle East.

« Les anneaux de la mémoire » (Rings of memory): “There are voyages which should never have been, the Middle Passage [of the triangular trade] for example. There are spiritual voyages, such as a meeting with a Babalawo [Yoruba priest], well known for travelling between visible and invisible worlds; and there are imaginary voyages, through Gates of Return, and Gates of No Return.”

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