Christian TUNDULA

Christian Tundula was born in 1978 in Kinshasa and lives and works between DR Congo and Bruges in Belgium. He studied visual communication at the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa, and attended the Graduate School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg. In 2005 he completed a residency at the Blachère Foundation (France). He also participated in the Pan-African Encounters of Photography in Johannesburg, South Africa.

« KIN KIESE » (Happiness Kinshasa): this series of photos and videos are part of a work realized in 2010 in Kinshasa in the neighbourhood where he grew up. Many very young girls hope to go on stage to accompany orchestras. They are commonly called Fioti Fioti or Kadogo. Tundula shot this series of photographs and video during rehearsals of the girls in Ngwaka, neighbourhood of Kinshasa.

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