Born in Bangui (CAR) in 1973, Hervé Youmbi lives and works in Douala. Through drawing, sculpture and multimedia, Youmbi draws on portraiture as a site of interrogation. His work revolves around questions of space and one’s place in society. Focusing on men in their social and urban environments, Youmbi captures in their faces the instantaneous yet fundamental questions of societal values that structure individuals collectively. Youmbi has participated in several solo and group exhibitions internationally and was the winner of the « Visa pour la création 2009 » award of Cultures France.

« Au nom du père »: In Africa, the act of reviewing the constitution and rigging elections has become a sport for the power hungry heads of state. When they pass away, one of their sons is settled in their place. Inspired by wind of anger and freedom of the Arab Springs, «In the name of father, son and holy constitutional monarchy » protests against the violence inflicted on so many African nations by dictatorial regimes who, from father to son, cling to power. He tells the story of a vicious circle, a story that keeps repeating itself. There is lament, but also hope because sometimes, as in Senegal today, the loop seems ready to unbuckle.

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