Rafik Zaidi was born in 1966 at Bejaia, he graduated from the Fine Arts school in Algiers. Press reporter from 1990 to 1995, he was also artistic director of various publishing projects. He attended the International Workshop on "Diversity and Development" organized by the German Cooperation in Johannesburg in 2009, the residency of international photographers in Algiers organized by the EU in 2010 and the 2nd edition of National Festival of photography of Algiers in 2011. Gallery Racim in Algiers devoted him a solo exhibition in 2010.

« Déjeuner rouge » (Red lunch): “comfort, good food, yes but that is not the main thing! Better than thousand words, these pictures of tables taken from above stylistically very personal and artistically tasty, photos which sublimate the ordinary, these "moments of humanity", of shared pleasure and happiness! Witness to these magical moments, witness with a double view, both a member of the great tribe of hospitality and a photographer, I give you these "little things" that reveal the flavour and spice of each bite, each step, an irresistible invitation to sharing, friendship, love, I hope!”

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