Born in 1982, Sofiane Zouggar lives and works in Khemis Miliana, Algeria. He is a graduate of Fine Arts school in Algiers, specialized in ceramic but his work employs various techniques (sculpture, photography, painting, printmaking, performance, graphic softwares). In 2010 he participated in an artist residency at the Villa Abdelatif in Algiers, in ARTIFARITI Festival 2010 in the free territories of Western Sahara and in the Biennale of Oran in March 2012. He has made several scenographies for theatre and dance, including "Nada el mater" played at the Pan-African Festival in Algiers in 2010. His works reflect this relationship to live performance by evoking the body language, the direct interactivity between artist and audience and the broader issue of communication in society.

"Astrolabe" and "Untitled": "The power of images and mass manipulation. Revolution, demonstration, media, control, manipulation ... Words and images accumulated in the unconscious ... Watch, read, and hear through various media kinds ... The news produced a flood of images, I select one and implement it on an artistic medium. "

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