OFF in Saint-Louis

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programme du 16/05 à St-Louis
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Plan et adresse OFF de St-Louis

IMPORTANT : appointment at NOVOTEL at 6.30 am sharp for departure to St. Louis on 16/05 .

- Beside, the program of Wednesday the 16th in Saint-Louis in pdf.
- And map and addresses of OFF venues in St-Louis for those that did not visit yet the city of Saint-Louis.

Dak’Art OFF invites you to discover St. Louis and "River in color" online:

Registration for the trip to St. Louis

Wednesday, May 16: Visit to the OFF of St. Louis

The Biennale offers to its registered guests coaches to get to St. Louis for a day, May 16th.

Transport is reserved in order of priority to the official partners, artists of IN exhibitions, guests of the colloquiums, curators, members of the orientation committee, journalists and members of the organization if seats are availables.

Only persons above, registered to the secretariat AND wearing a badge will be accepted on the coach.

Please register as soon as possible and not later than 6PM Monday, May 14th to the Secretariat of the Biennale.

Terms Departure from Dakar at 6:30 am sharp from NOVOTEL . Arriving about 10:30 in St. Louis.
Departure from St. Louis at 6 pm (18:00) sharp from Comptoir du Fleuve . Arrival at 10pm in Dakar.

The Biennale provides no support during all the trip to St-Louis, except the transport by coaches.

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