Nirveda ALLECK

Nirveda Alleck was born in Mauritius in 1975. She gained her BFA at the University of Cape Town in 1997 and her MFA from the Glasgow School of Art.

Alleck’s work is a combination of personal history fused with a more extended view of the world space in which we live and the psychological and sometimes romantic notions of existence and spaces of time. Taking a "felt" moment as a starting point, she attempts to render certain intrinsic feelings into real situations, whereby the personal and the public are fused into one whole.
In 2011 her work was exhibited at the Johannesburg Art Fair, the Townhouse Gallery in Cairo and « the Paris Photos OFF », amongst others. In the same year she also participated in the « Soleil D’Afrique Residency in Bamako, Mali and the Omi International Artists Residency in New York. Alleck works with a wide range of media including: Painting, Photography, Installation, Film and Sound.

Conversations is a painting that depicts women in Mauritius taking part in one of local traditional ceremonies. During this ceremony, people either pierce their tongues through the cheeks with a long piece of metal or tie their mouths with cloth so as to maintain a vow of silence for an entire day. Nirveda Alleck juxtaposed this painting with a video that depicts her doing a performance in a sacred lake in Mauritius. Through this performance she questions both his own belief systems and the appropriation of them, while also investigating people’s need for affirmation and acceptance within the larger collective that is bound by ritual and traditions.

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