Romaric ASSIÉ

Born in 1979, Konan Romaric Assié obtained his graduate degree in Artistic Studies in 2002. He was appointed professor of fine arts in Bondoukou in 2004. After various exhibitions in Ivory Coast, he cultivated and expanded the art of portrait which he pushed to the edge of political history. The critical eye he raises on corrupt leaders, courtiers and dictators of all countries displays the effectiveness of verisimilitude, and beyond that, an original writing. In contrast a warm affection emanates from his portraits of mothers and children.

« La table à palabre » : The work’s title refers to the palaver tree where you go to in our villages for the peaceful settlement of disputes of all kinds. This work addresses the difficult issue of socio-political crises in the world and in Africa in particular, and the manner in which to resolve them. Unfortunately, during roundtables to negotiate peace only the partisan interests of belligerents and facilitators prevail. Agreements that are signed are primarily for the sharing of the country’s wealth and ministerial posts. The belligerents, who are the majority on the ground, claim almost all the important posts. Opponents envy and covet the presidential chair and are often willing to make any sacrifice to appease their voracious desire for power.
In dictatorships and democracies in their infancy, the leader confiscates power until his death; this is symbolized by the presence of the old man in the foreground. The military are the perpetrators of coups, hence the presence of brigades at the table of General. The flowers that form and wither represent the suffering people; their expectations disappointed and the duration of crises over several decades without finding reliable and sustainable solutions.

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