Born in 1986, Younes Baba-Ali is currently resident in Casablanca. He graduated with a DNAP from the School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg in 2008 and a DNSEP from the Aix-en-Provence Art School in 2011.
His artistic practice is situated as much in the development of simple and basic interventions, as well as in the construction of much more sophisticated systems. By diverting everyday objects from their original function, he makes them independent and transforms our relationship to them, emphasizing a commitment made to reveal the relationships usually based on power or possession that we have with things. Although functional, the objects that he presents become unusable and condition the exhibition space and the spectators by the sound pressure they generate.

« Call for Prayer - Morse »: is a sound installation consisting of a loudspeaker broadcasting the Muslim call to prayer in Morse code at prayer times corresponding to the city of exposure. This project is marked by the reflection on a form of temporal de-contextualisation between Arab and Western Culture.

« Horn Orchestra »: is a sound installation consisting of a series of 10 car horns suspended in an enclosed space. At first glance, the installation takes on a rather sculptural and silent presence. The public is invited to walk in the space and their presence triggers the installation, which at random produces an imposing sonic atmosphere. This project explores the power of sound and the packaging of the intangible that can result in a space related to the visitor, and is the first creation in a series of projects called « sonic attack ».

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