Bridget BAKER

Bridget Baker is a South African artist based in London and Cape Town. Her work forms a series of complex visual fragments realized through filmmaking, installation and photography underpinned by the unexpected drama of the “everyday”.
Baker questions the malaise of ‘authentic’ identity by conducting investigations within the realms of lost and forgotten histories (her own and others). She uses formal and experiential approaches, borrowing and adopting elements from historical, architectural and filmic micro-narratives, imbibing these scenarios within her own mythologies and itinerant identities.
Baker has produced work for various solo presentations including at CAB (Spain), The Wapping Project (London), MAMBO (Bologna), and Diet Gallery (Miami).

Her films have also been included on the Found Footage Film Festival in Bologna, Italy (2012), the 57th International Short Film Competition in Oberhausen and the 2011 Glasgow Short Film Festival. Her works have been curated onto numerous South African and international group exhibitions including: za. Giovane arte dal Sud Africa (Palazzo de Papesse, Sienna), Liberated Voices: Contemporary Art from South Africa (Museum for African Art, New York), and Contemporary Art Photography from South Africa (Neue Berliner Kunstverein, Berlin).

Steglitz House was filmed inside a miniature construction of a 1930s West Berlin home in the Arikalex Museum in Steglitz, Berlin. Working with macro-lenses and using slow tracking shots, this filmic psycho-drama slowly explores the rooms of a recently abandoned furnished home. Steglitz House maps Baker’s personal mythologies and attempts to locate an ambiguous and forgotten past within adopted and relational histories.

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