Born in 1976 in Zambia, Victor Mutelekesha lives and works in Norway. Through different mediums, the artist focuses on the displacement of the human, which is generated by repressive manipulation and the increasingly visible social and environmental breakdown of cultures permeated by war and death. His work emphasizes symbols, emblems and prejudices that are calling to be urgently analyzed in the perspective of a real, ongoing and irreversible process of cultural contamination.
Mutelekesha received his MA from the National Academy of Art in Oslo in 2007. He has been the subject of recent solo exhibitions at the International Culture Centre and Museum in Oslo, the Gallery Palazzo Tito in Venice and the Henry Tayaly Art Centre in Lusaka. Previous group exhibitions include the 10th Havana Biennial and Gallery Fisk in Bergen.

« Rise to the ashes »: the piece is created like a topographic map, layer upon layer. Statistical data of average concentration of GDPs and distribution of some open pit mines in the world informs this project.

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