Born in 1987 in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania where she is based, Rehema Chachage is a New Media artist. In 2009 she graduated with a BFA degree from Michaelis School of Fine Art, Cape Town.
The most prominent themes explored in her work are social change and the struggle for egalitarianism, rootedness and alienation - being a stranger, the outsider, the other, alien and often voiceless - inspired by the social alienation that she experienced in the four years she spent as a ‘cultural foreigner’ and non South African, black female student in a predominantly white, middle class institution.

Kwa Baba rithi undugu’ explores the themes of ‘voice’ and ‘voicelessness’. Sculpturally made transistor radios containing audio/visual data that has been particularly chosen, and intentionally interfered with as a result leaving the viewers with two choices; to either ignore the content of the work, that they may perhaps not even understand or relate to (which seems to often be the fate for the voiceless individual), or to try to listen and engage with what is being said by this voice that speaks from a place of ‘difference’.

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