Mamadou CISSÉ

Self-taught, Senegalese artist Mamadou Cissé arrived in France aged 18. He practiced various jobs for trading; from lining walls for decoration to baking. During this period he was also involved in social activities inside the company. Cissé has always made drawings: comic book and cartoon heroes (Goldorak), African masks are created using graphic techniques, collages, drawings, etc.
In 2001 he became a watchman. This lead to another change in his drawing practice: he began to represent urban scenes viewed from above. These hours of nightly vigil permitted him to create kaleidoscopic ensembles of increasingly complex megacities using pencil, ball point pens and markers, as a mean not to fall asleep at work.
These views reveal the desire Mamadou Cissé has « to make everybody live », in grand utopian architectural projects, buildings with multiple windows, skyscrapers along which slide over the main roads and river ports. New-York, Paris, Moscow, Cairo, London, so many tributes to modern life. He has made several tours of Europe by car with friends: Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Yugoslavia, the Iberian Coast and Athens. He has also travelled to the United States.

« Untitled »: « In my drawings, it’s as if I had a camera. I zoom in on one point and all the surrounding is lining. When I make a plan, I follow my logic. The goal I seek is to lead the person who looks at my drawings to enter inside, to wander, to search everywhere, both at a technical and an aesthetic level ».

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