Bakary Diallo, born in 1979, is from Kati, in Mali. In 2007 he began his studies at the conservatory of Arts and Multimedia in Bamako. In 2010 he co-directed the film « El Canto de los Mensajeros » with Mario Verdú. In the same year, he won the scholarship prize from the Lagardère Foundation with the film « les feuilles d’un temps », at the Fresnoy National Studio of Contemporary Arts in Tourcoing in France and also won the « Metropolis » prize at the Madatac in Madrid with his film « The light ». In 2011 he won the « Les amis du Fresnoy » prize with « Dankumba », and presented also his film « Les enfants du net » at the « Camera mobile » Festival in Valence, France and participated at the Biennale of African Photography in Bamako.

« Dankumba »: fixed the precise and apparently complete journey in a world region - Africa, Mali - as if compelled by timeless laws while giving a boost to the imaginative and original. It is about how superstitions bind members of a society among themselves, to the past, the occult, the power, but also to the daily life and its rituals and objects, to everyone’s imagination, feelings and own freedom. And to the universal in general. Scenes, gestures, landscapes, objects, ways to share, and also poetry of images.

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