Eyongakpa Mbi was born in Cameroon in 1981. After obtaining a post graduate diploma in Botany and Ecology, he decided to concentrate exclusively on visual and sound art. His use of poetic, symbolic and surrealistic imagery is often sprinkled with paradoxes that challenge the obvious. His work explores human conditioning over time in relation to information, ideological consumption, freedom and identity crisis.
In 2007 he was selected to take part in the « Africa UK bring the noise » residency at the Roundhouse in London. He has since participated in visiting artist residency programs at the Greatmore in Cape Town and at the Bag Factory in Johannesburg. His work has been widely exhibited in Africa and in Europe, most recently at the Bamako « Pan African Encounters » in Mali in November 2011.

« Njanga wata » : is an interdisciplinary art project with elements of photography, video installation and a video sculpture comprising four CRT TV tubes of different sizes disposed to create a precise sculptural form. Interactive videos and sound loop create different visual sound combinations and permutations. « Njanga wata » a pidgin English translation of « River of Prawns » or « Rio dos Cameroes » as the Portuguese first named Cameroon. « Njanga wata » employs sonic and visual poetry in the investigation of a basic idea that people, places and things could become what they are called.

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