Gabrielle GOLIATH

Goliath has a Master’s degree in Fine Art, obtained from the University of the Witwatersrand. Whether it’s a trip-wire stretched across the gallery floor or a performance in which a wrapped ’homeless’ figure lies at a gallery entrance, Gabrielle Goliath’s work engages with critical social concerns within South Africa.
Recent solo exhibitions include BERENICE, Circa on Jellicoe Gallery (Johannesburg, 2010), Murder on 7th, Nirox Foundation Project Space (Johannesburg, 2011). She was part of “Us”, IZIKO – South African National Gallery (Cape Town, 2010) and “Transformations: Women’s Art from the Late 19th Century to 2010”, Johannesburg Art Gallery (2010).
She recieved several awards: joint winner of the Martienssen Prize (2007), Johannesburg Arts Alive City Art Competition (2007), joint first prize for the Brait-Everard Read Art Award (2010), The Tierney Fellowship (Wits School of Arts, 2011).

« Ek is ’n Kimberley Coloured » : "The often mistaken identity of Coloured people in South Africa is the predominant theme. ’Where are you from?’ is a question which has been posed to me by many people, and it is not without a certain embarrassment that they are informed of the truth – that is: ’Ek is ’n Kimberley Coloured’ (I am a Coloured person from Kimberley). In a humorous presentation, in the left panel I am Brazilian, in the centre, French, and in the right, Spanish."

« Bouquet III » : “ This work deals with notions of abuse and innocence, and their relation to one another. The use of flowers, at times indigenous, at times alien, is significant in this sense, being in general synonymous with suffering, sympathy, and even romance (which is sadly ironic in that many cases of abuse are domestic)”.

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