Forty-two artists from twenty-one African countries and from Réunion Island are selected for the international exhibition (based on 329 applications).

Curators of Dak’art 2010 are Christine EYENE, Nadira LAGGOUNE, Riason NAIDOO.

The selection committee composed of three members met in Dakar from the16th to the18th February In 2012.

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Artistes sélectionnés pour Dak’Art 2012

Members of the selection committee had to consider three hundred and twenty nine applications submitted by artists from thirty-six African countries and twenty-one other countries. Fifty-one artists that submitted applications have previously participated in at least one edition of the Biennale.
Based on the expectations from the General Secretariat of the Biennale and following the meeting of the Orientation Committee, the selection had to focus on artists of the African continent and of the Diaspora submitting recent works.

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Sélection 2012: statistiques

Each proposal was the subject of an extensive consultation between members of international selection committee. Consideration were given to original approach, aesthetic and conceptual qualities, as well as the actuality of the discourse, regardless of the theme of the Dakar Biennale in 2012.

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