DAK’ART 2014

11ème Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain 09/05>08/06

Halida Boughriet


Transit : HD Video 16/9, 7’50, 2011, © Halida Boughriet.

“The word ‘contemplate’ always fascinates me, it is of an extreme logic, because in the word contemplate you find ‘temple’. And the templum that we contemplated was the square or rectangle that Roman soothsayers drew in the sky with their sticks to wait and see how eagles passed through it. And depending on the direction, the number of eagles, and their speed, the soothsayer could make different interpretations of the meaning of these signs.” That is what Daniel Arasse writes about contemplation, and it is how Transit, the video of Halida Boughriet, should be watched.
What is the fate of an undocumented person in transit if not becoming foreigner to the world, to be able to see it as if it were a distant landscape? To contemplate the world and hope to see within that world, traces of a joyous future.
A form made for contemplation, Transit superimposes two universes: the sky of Istanbul on a February afternoon, and the incisive word of undocumented persons which explain the reason of their situation. Political, social, and nostalgic, the words of these contemporary nomads describe a world drained of hope, as if to answer the flock of birds that gather in to the sky for fear of seeing it empty.

Born in 1980 in France, Halida Boughriet is a contemporary artist, of Algerian descent. She lives and works in Paris. She is a graduate from the Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts of Paris. She was on an exchange programme with the New York SVA, in the cinema section, until 2005. That same year she obtained the 10th LVMH Prize and was entitled to a photo exhibition : “ Attente du verdict” (awaiting the verdict). Her work is diverse and has to do with Performance. She now has come to sculptural, photographic and video installation. Linked to both her Arabic background and western culture, Halida shows how human relationships are powerful and violent. Her work involves political, social and aesthetic matters. Through her art, mankind is seen in a political and social context, along with a poetic note. She highlights rejected people in each of her works. Her works are part of the collection of the Centre Pompidou New Media, Paris and Mac Val Museum ( Vitry-sur-Seine, France).

View online : www.halidaboughriet.com