DAK’ART 2014

11ème Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain 09/05>08/06

Samson Kambalu


Early Film : video, 44", 2013, © Samson Kambalu.
The Last Man in Paris : video, 4’44", 2013, © Samson Kambalu.

Both films presented by Samson Kambalu, Early Film and The last man in Paris consist of clips made ​​during happenings where the artist staged his own body in his daily life of an African immigrant living in Europe. Early Film consists of two movies entitled " Nude Ascending Stairs " and " Balls ". In the first film, whose title is a wink to the controversial first work of Marcel Duchamp, Kambalu climbs up the stairs of an apartment, naked yet shod in a pair of sneakers. In Balls, Kambalu appears in a playground where he likes to move balls on several iron bars. His boyish glance express much The contrast between these two scenes questions the fragility, sensitivity and balance of being in front of his environment .
The Last Man in Paris consists of five skits filmed in black and white in Paris and London. Kambalu borrows codes of mute film from the 1920s that binded to effects, like Keaton and Chaplin, lead the viewer to situations more and more burlesque.

Samson Kambalu was born in Malawi in 1975 and is based in London. Artist and author, he worked with various medium, painting and drawing, in situ installations, video, performance and literature. He approaches art as an arena for critical thought and sovereign activities. His first book, The Jive Talker or How to Get a British Passport, a questioning memoir of the artist growing up in Africa, is published in English and German. Since 2009, Kambalu has been on performative reading tours combining art and literature. His latest novel, Uccello’s Vineyard satirically places the invention of photography and its influence on modern art during the High Renaissance, against the background of the religious upheavals of the Reformation. Kambalu’s Nyau Cinema’ is a series of playful site-specific performances, ‘rants’, presented as film clip interventions on various social networking sites online and in specially designed film booths and cinema installations.

View online : www.samsonkambalu.com