DAK’ART 2014

11ème Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain 09/05>08/06

Edmon Khalil


Diversity : video installation, 6’24", 2012, © Edmon Khalil.

Born in Nyala (South Darfur, Sudan) in 1972, Edmon Khalil hold a bachelor degree of industrial design of University of science and technology (Sudan, 1999) and a degree for movie making of the Swedish University of Art. He lives and works in Sweden where he founded the multicultural organization of New Kush art. His practice set in the dialectic of "past, present and future" and their reflections consciously through generations with particular interest in the aspect of history and its interactions on the physical body of the universe. He explores potentialities of various medium. He participated in residency programs of international writers and artists in Quebec, the Sachaqa center of contemporary art in Peru and Kunsttransit in Germany. He has exhibited at the cultural house (Kulturhuset) in Stockholm (Sweden), Sudan national museum, Luftkastellet in Malmö (Sweden), Alliance Française in Asmara (Eritrea). He participated to several biennales: Cairo (Egypt), Khartoum (Sudan) and Marrakech (Morocco).

"My practice is in the dialectic -past, present and future - and its implications including the synthetic structure of the modern world in all its political, social, cultural and environmental complexity with particular attention to modern social structures and their effects on nature. The creative process for me is a complex combination of epistemological memory and what results from experiments or accidents. Technically, I went from one technique to another, trying to push the potential of each. My creative process involves the installation, removal or construction and demolition to disturb the aesthetic formulas. I try to create more space and a more powerful space. My art tries to be a space for dialogue and an invitation to participate."

View online : www.edmonkhalil.com