DAK’ART 2014

11ème Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain 09/05>08/06

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Entry in Senegal

For some countries since 1st of July 2013, a visa is required to enter Senegal and a passport valid for at least six months. View web sites:
puce www.senegalembassy.co.uk/visa-applications/
puce www.ambasenegal-us.org/rubriques.php?rubpage=8
puce www.visasenegal.sn/en/
puce Call the representation of Senegal in your country: www.gouv.sn/-Les-Missions-diplomatiques-et-.html
puce For the accommodation certificate, please contact the hotel you booked in Dakar.
puce If you need a letter of invitation to the Biennale, send your request to info@biennaledakar.org.

Tips for biometric visa :
puce Prepare the following documents scanned (maximum size paper 1MB) : the first 5 pages of the passport that must be valid at least 6 months, flight ticket or booking, hotel reservation or proof of accommodation sent ​​by your host. Additional documents may be requested.
puce Go on www.visasenegal.sn/paiement/ and follow the pre-registration and on-line payment process, you must pay by credit card ( € 52.50 incl .)
puce Once the approved pre-enrolment received by email, call Consulate of Senegal for an appointment and bring all documents above as well as the approved pre-enrolment printed and 2 ID passport photos.
puce The lead-time may vary from half a day to 48 hours. The procedure may be different in some consulates.
puce If you can not go to the consulate, print your approved pre-enrolment before flight, your biometric visa will be establish at the airport in Dakar (waiting time: one to two hours).


The Dakar-Yoff International Airport is 15 km from the city centre. Taxis are available right out of the airport. The fare is sometimes shown on screen at the exit of customs (between 4000 and 7000 CFA for the Plateau, to negotiate of course). Most hotels are on the Plateau. Indicate clearly the driver the name and address of your hotel (some drivers are not from Dakar). "Demdikk" blue Bus n°8 leaves every 15 minutes from 6am to 20:30 (175 FCFA) and stops to the Plateau neighbourhood crossing first the entire peninsula to the south.

Access to exhibition

Visit pages Access to exhibitions and Accreditation

Time difference

Dakar is on GMT.


Nice, hot and dry (20-30°C until June), fresher at night, with the wind of the Atlantic. Do not forget a scarf and a jacket for cool evenings.


The vaccine against yellow fever is mandatory for entry into Senegal. Remember to do it 10 days before your stay. Take advice of Tropical Medicine centre. Consider updating all your vaccines. Take advice from a doctor specialized in tropical medicine for appropriate treatment against malaria. Dakar’s food is of quality and various. However, avoid tap water, ice cubes and raw vegetables. Ask your doctor a treatment against diarrhoea. An effective tropical mosquito repellent (Repel Insect or Insect Screen) will help you to enjoy smooth Dakar’s evenings. Dakar pharmacies can provide you nearly all prescriptions (bring your prescription paper).
Medical Emergencies: +221 33 889 15 15.


24 hour phone number for the police in Senegal is (221) 33-821-2431. Tourist police unit may be reached at (221) 33 860-3810.


220 V/50 hertz and plugs with two round pins. For sensitive electronic equipment, you can bring a special plug against over tensions (variations on the network).


puce 1000 FCFA (francs CFA ou XOF) = 1,524 euros= 2.09 dollars, 1 dollar = 477 FCFA.
puce Visa and MasterCard cash dispensers are available to the airport, in city centre and in many neighbourhoods.


Country dial code: +221. Home phone numbers begin by 33, mobiles by 7.
puce Mobile : you can buy easily a SIM card with rechargeable units to operators Orange, Tigo, Expresso, Kirène costing less than 2000 FCFA.


In Dakar, the "cyber cafés" and hotels offer DSL or WIFI throughout the city. At the Village of the Biennale, WIFI is provided.

Hotels and restaurants

If you want to be close to the exhibition venues, choose the neighbourhood "Plateau". Travel books on the web offer you a reliable selection of hotels:

puce Lonely Planet hotels
puce Travel.michelin.com
puce www.worldtravelguide.net/senegal
puce Yahoo Travel
puce africaguide.com

Read more on:

puce Lonely Planet
puce wikitravel.org
puce US International travel
puce Health on wwwnc.cdc.gov
puce Events in Senegal
puce Town hall of Dakar
puce Agenda events in Dakar
puce Ministry of tourism
puce Bus of Dakar: demdikk.com

View online : Tourism