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Afrik’Arts n° 7

Ahead the Salon on contemporary African sculpture during the eleventh edition of the Biennale of Contemporary African Art (Dak’Art 2014), the General Secretariat of the Dakar Biennale organized an International Symposium on African Sculpture, October 23 November 6, 2013 at the Village des Arts in Dakar. Eight Senegalese artists sculptors and eight others from Ghana, Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Mali and Burkina Faso were left for two weeks to create works in situ.
At the end of the symposium, the Biennale wanted to devote a special issue of its journal Afrik’Arts to contemporary African sculpture. Contemporary African sculpture is very dynamic. In The "Magicians of the Earth" in 1989 at the Centre Pompidou of Paris or the "Africa Remix" exhibition in 2005 presented in Germany, England, France and Japan, Africa has shown the world the richness of his contemporary sculpture, inspired by African traditions as well as contemporary urban realities of a changing Africa. Today Ousmane Sow, Ndary Lô or Romuald Hazoumé are known worldwide.
Techniques and media of contemporary sculpture are very diverse, ranging from wood, stone, bronze and material recovery. But that does not hide the fact that contemporary African sculpture is poorly understood and suffers from a lack of promotion, lack of facilities and training courses in this field. We know more traditional African sculpture and its influence on Picasso, Braque, Modigliani, Matisse, Derain, etc..
Through this issue of Afrik’Arts, the Biennale aims to stimulate theoretical thinking, stimulate the creativity of artists, and to promote their active participation in the recovery and development of the African sculpture that does not enjoy the same promotion as other visual arts disciplines. Afrik’Arts provides an analysis on current African sculpture, from transversal approaches, socio-economic, political, historic , anthropological, philosophical, anthropological.
Field of reflection :
puce The Dakar Symposium
puce The history of contemporary African sculpture
puce The continuity between the traditional and the contemporary African sculpture.
puce The characteristics of contemporary African sculpture
puce The emergence of new carving techniques related to multimedia tools

Call for Papers
Afrik’Arts invite contributors to send a text of 15 pages (size 12, in Times New Roman font), accompanied by a summary in French and English up to 15 lines to the following email address: bdiop@biennaledakar.org.
Deadline for receipt of items: March 10, 2014
Publication Number: May 2014

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In order to fully assume its pan-African , the Biennale of Contemporary African Art has chosen to develop a new communication tool .
Afrik’Arts is a journal devoted to the visual arts and art criticism in Africa.
Afrik’Arts wants to encourage initiatives promoting the visual arts in Africa by promoting their understanding and critical appreciation in the diversity of their stories and their expressions.
Account for the current visual arts across the continent , promote analysis on the evolution of the creation in Africa, learn about the dynamics of meetings and exchanges , monitor the dissemination of African creativity , that some of the tasks of this new publication.

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