DAK’ART 2014

11ème Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain 09/05>08/06

Éric Pina


L´annonce, d´un soupir rouge (The announcement, of a red sigh) : pastel on paper, 190cm x 150cm, 2013, © Eric Pina.
L’annonce, la visite en vert (The announcement, the visit in green) : pastel on paper, 190cm x 110cm, 2013, © Eric Pina.
L´annonce, Héréba (The announcement, Héréba) : pastel on paper, 190cm x 110cm, 2013, © Eric Pina.

Encounter and daily life are shading Eric Pina work. Observer, he reports in his drawings in dry pastel mundane moments and furtive gestures he captured at the bend in meeting people in African communities in France and Germany. In L´annonce, d’un soupir rouge, L’annonce, la visite en vert, L´annonce, Héréba, communication is through the eyes of characters with imposing bodies. In environments devoid of geographical indication, characters highlighted by the announcement are also put into perspective through a pile of miniature people placed in the background. The circulation of these characters compensates the lack of environment and creates a dynamic space within the same painting. L´annonce, d´Un Soupir Rouge, features a couple. A woman, a red rose in her hand, is looking insistently the man that accompanies her. She seems to be waiting while the man is daydreaming. The difference in scale with the characters in the background gives the impression that time has stopped and the couple remained frozen in time for the announcement. In L’annonce, la Visite en Vert and L´annonce, Héréba, the couple seems to arise through a frictional effect of the pastel on paper.

Born in 1972 in Thiès, Senegal, Eric Pina started art studies in Dakar. He successfully graduated in 2000 with a Diploma of plastic expression at Art school of Mulhouse, France. Since, his works has been presented in many personal and group exhibitions in France, Canada, Switzerland and Germany. He won prices and obtains grants. “The principal theme of my work is based on the relation with man and its environment”, says Eric Pina. People in the street are at the centre of his work. He transmits his subjects through large-scale drawings, etching engravings and sculptures. People’s isolation is sticking – even in the crowd, they seems lonely. This impression is accentuated by the abstract and minimalist presentation of the surroundings. People represented are moving or persist in a furtive encounter, a reunion. The artist confront is with instant moments, from the encounter to the everyday life of urban life. “I inspired an fed myself intellectually during my travels. Encounters and short-period reunions. Localities volatilize and leave abstract moments. At the moment I belong to the people and objects that surround me”, explains Eric Pina.

View online : www.ericpina.com