DAK’ART 2014

11ème Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain 09/05>08/06

Faten Rouissi


Le fantôme de la liberté (Malla Ghassra) (Ghost of Freedom) : installation with 17 WC in ceramic, 700x300x50cm, 2012, © Faten Rouissi.

After the October 23, 2011 election in Tunis, “the parliament had already started to show its limits and its incompetence, reinforced by the establishment of an Islamist government,” the artist tells us. The ensuing actions in the city encouraged the artist to reject the government, sometimes in defiance and often in revolt. Ras-Le Bol-Ras-Le-Bol…! (Fed up, we’re fed up…!) Faten Rouissi had enough of the images proposed around her and of the publicized speeches that she wanted proof… enough is enough!
So she thought of a sort of therapy against the hypocrisy, the double-talk, and the untruths. She had to get rid of the citizen stress by way of artistic derision. And thus was born the idea to bring people together in a sort of congress (OUR CONSTITUENT)…for the pressing needs. A scene of a film by Luis Bunuel titled “Le fantôme de la liberté” (The Ghost of Liberty, 1974) came immediately to mind.
This strange space for dialogue is the result.

Faten Rouissi (born 1967, Tunis) leads in Tunisia and abroad, a multidisciplinary artist activity, university lecturer and consultant design and production. She has participated in events in Algeria (Algiers and Oran) Germany (Berlin, Dresden, Karlsruhe), Egypt (Luxor), Spain (Madrid) and has shown its presence with performances, installations, videos, paintings, happenings, etc.. Since 2009, she has been involved in participatory action between the artist and the public. Strongly oriented towards contemporary art, she argued, in 2011, a research and analysis from works by Picabia, Magritte and Duchamp PhD. In Feb.2011, just after the Tunisia Revolution, she has designed and implemented an event, publicized in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, "Art in the Street-Art in the neighborhood" an artistic intervention on cars burned during the Revolution. In Jan.2012, she founded the Association "24 HOURS FOR CONTEMPORARY ART," and she conceived and realized in March 2013, the Project "HILL IN HILL", Tunisia, between Sidi Bou Said,Takrouna, and Chénini which has made these three places a contemporary art workshop in public space.

View online : www.faten.rouissi.sitew.com