DAK’ART 2014

11ème Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain 09/05>08/06

Fraud alert



Never send any portfolio, document, photos, artworks, registration or insurance fees, before to check cautiously validity of these offers, that organizers and events are acknowledged in art world. Contact for instance Ministry of Culture of the country. Fake fairs, biennales or exhibitions, fictitious catalogues or art magazines, fake grants or artist residencies are numerous...

Fake festival

Beware of a scam and phishing about a fake festival, symposium or International Meeting of Land Art on Goree Island or Dakar organized by a Mr Sow : it is a fraud. Theses persons are "phishing" worldwide and change of email and strategy regularly...
puce Read more on their fraud system: www.dakarartsfestival.net

Design competition or contest
An email circulate with a link to our web site biennaledakar.org for a design competition. We advise professional artists and the Dakar Biennale has no relationship with this potential phishing. We recommend that you do not click on these links, place this email in your Spam folder and warn other artists.

Tips about frauds

puce Spread as much as possible our warning to artists and professionals with link to this page.
puce Submit any phishing on http://www.phishing-initiative.com.
puce Warn your local police service.
puce Complain at the website where you saw the advert of this event, as they should control announcement on their website.
puce Send a copy at contact@culture.gouv.sn with your various email exchanges with these persons.