DAK’ART 2014

11ème Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain 09/05>08/06



Provisional program

update: 12/05/2014

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puce detailed program of meetings on page Panels.
puce Shows and animations program. All concerts and animations are now taking place at Place du Souvenir, not at the Village.

Thursday May 8
Opened only to journalists, partners and officials accredited with their badge.
16h- Press conference with the curators : Elise ATANGANA, Abdelkader DAMANI, Smooth Ugochukwu NZEWI at Place du Souvenir.

Friday May 9
10h: Official opening to Grand Theatre in the presence of the Prime Minister and Minister of Culture and Heritage of Senegal.
17h : Opening of Guest artists exhibition, Musée Théodore Monod.
18h : Opening of African Sculpture exhibition, Garden of Musée Théodore Monod.
¤ 19h30: Animation at Musée Théodore Monod, concert Hampaté and Sahel Blues.

Saturday May 10
9h to 13h: Opening conference.
Panel 1 : Curating exhibitions for contemporary art.
Panel 2 : The art critic.

puce 16 h: Opening of Artists at Village of the Biennale .
puce Performance of Slimane Raïs "Célébration" (a tribute to the 54 000 Senegalese riflemen).
puce Performance of Faten Rouissi (17 persons will be invited to take place on the "Fantôme de la liberté" (Ghost of Freedom).
puce Ato Malinda will begin her performance at opening and will continue along the evening.
puce Dak’Art on Stage, dance with Hardo Kâ et Omar Sène.
puce 19h : Welcome Cocktail, Village of the Biennale.
puce 20h: performance-show of choregrapher and dancer Bouchra Ouizguen.
puce 20h 45: Animation at Village, concert with Xalam & guests: Shula & Ramatou Band, Angélique Dione & Acoustic Law.

Sunday May 11
9h to 13h : Panel 3 : The art historian.
Panel 4 : The artist and the gallery manager.
16h : Opening of Tribute exhibition to Moustapha Dimé, in collaboration with Blachère Foundation and Eiffage Sénégal, Galerie Nationale.
¤ 16h: Animation at Galerie Nationale d’Art, Jily Leye.
¤ 18h: Animation at Village, concert Tribute to Blaise Diagne, Omar Diop Blondin, Bob Marley. Jamo Band in live with Xuman, Ceepee, Rocky Daba, African Dingkeelu.

Monday May 12
9h to 13h : Panel 5 : Contemporary art institutions.
Panel 6 : Art dealers, buyers, collectors, sponsors.
18h : Opening of Tributes exhibitions to Mamadou Diakhaté and Mbaye Diop, Place du Souvenir.
19h : Opening of Algerian and Royal Air Maroc pavilions, Place du Souvenir.
¤ 19h: Animation at Place du Souvenir, concert with Djamawi Africa (Algerian orchestra), National Orchestra of Senegal and Orchestra Baobab.

Tuesday, May 13
9h to 17h : Panel 7 : Journals and magazines of Contemporary Art.
¤ 18h: Animation at pharmacy botanical garden at UCAD, Show Vêt’Vert.
18h30 : Opening of exhibition Green Art at the university, fashion show, green parade.
¤ 20h: Animation at Place du Souvenir (not at Village), concert with Guissé Brothers & guests: Paco Diaz & Manjak Folk, Ismaela Ndiaye.

Wednesday May 14
Day in Saint-Louis, to discover OFF exhibitions.
¤ 16h: Animation at Place du Souvenir , Arc Roller: graffiti, rollers, bike, quad, break dance...

Thursday May 15
¤ 20h: Animation at Place du Souvenir, theatre with F’Ame Company, Les Cruellas, l’Artiste Entertainment and Theatre Club of Senegalese American Bilingual School around « Captain Mbaye, a forgotten hero ».

Friday May 16
¤ 20h: Animation at Place du Souvenir, concert with Cheikh Ndigueul Lô & guests: Paulette Diémé & Luz Band, Oriazul. fashion show to discover new styles and trade mark MDC, Kadé, M&F and Ethyssime.

Wednesday May 28
¤ 16h: Animation at Place du Souvenir, Festival Yaakaar of Urban Music.

Sunday June 1st
¤ 14h: Animation at Place du Souvenir, International Festival Deggi Daaj.

PDF - 1.7 Mb
Programme spectacles et animations Dak’Art 2014

Dak’Art on stage at Place du Souvenir !

With the program to download above, beautiful evenings are planned at Dak’Art to discover musicians, dancers and actors but also Dak’Art Cinema and a program for young Dak’Art fans "Enchanted Corner": reading, storytelling, games, karaoke, crafts, animation accompanied with Kader Pichinico mascots and puppeteers Saturday 10, Sunday 11 and Wednesday, May 14.

View online : Exhibition venues