DAK’ART 2014

11ème Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain 09/05>08/06



Accreditation is mandatory for:
puce All visitors wishing to attend inaugurations and openings.
puce Journalists, VIPs, officials, partners, conferences lecturers, guides
puce Visitors wishing to take pictures, filming, interviewing
puce Journalists requesting images or materials for their articles.

Send your accreditation as soon as possible to have access to press room or to get your badge.

puce Download accreditation form

puce For groups, submit one accreditation per person to obtain individual badge.
puce Complete all the fields in this form in Acrobat pdf reader application only.
puce If you don’t have a PDF Reader, download the free reader on http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader.
puce To facilitate the process, printed, handwritten, scanned forms or completed in another software will not be considered.
puce Once filled, do save as>save with the small icon that looks like a floppy disk in the top left of the page or Ctrl + S or "apple"+S on Mac.
puce Rename it with your name+first name to avoid confusion between the filled file and the empty one. Click on Save and save it on your desktop.
puce Open this file and check that it is dully filled.
puce Send it attached by mail and only to comdakart@biennaledakar.org .
puce Print 2 copies of this form and sign it.

At your arrival in Dakar

Come to the Village of the Biennale to collect your badge WITH MANDATORY:
puce 2 PRINTED COLOR COPIES of your accreditation form completed and signed.
Your badge will be provided and you will receive a special welcome to the Village of the Biennale and access to openings and inaugurations.
Badges will be available at the Village from May 8.

Press room on line

A press room will be available on line for accredited journalists. Once you have validated accreditation, ask for access to comdakart@biennaledakar.org. You can upload the logo of the Biennale, high definition images and documentation on the artists.

View online : Access to exhibitions