DAK’ART 2014

11ème Biennale de l’Art Africain Contemporain 09/05>08/06

Fayçal Baghriche


  • Courtesy de l'artiste et de la Galerie Campagne Première
  • © Matthieu Parent

Wenn du ins feuer guckst (When you watch into the fire): light box, 200 x 240 cm, 2012, courtesy of the artist and Galerie Campagne Première.

“I was in Vienna, looking for a title for my exhibition,” tell us Fayçal Baghriche. “I walked into a store to buy a poster that specially interested me. The owner then began to give me her definition of art: art, it’s when you look into the fire and you see shapes emerge, this is art.”
The artist decided to use this definition as title for his exhibition, then as title of the work exhibited here. This artwork offers a specific reading of the “readymade”, connecting it to a recurring issue in the work of the artist: disappearance.
In Dubai, the artist purchases the sign of a lighting shop. He only keeps of it the part that we see: the image of a young girl disappearing in the light. Thus reinterpreted, this sign enters without hesitation into art history, that of singular representations. The replay of the sign here becomes a matter of representation.
Then, when viewed close-up, the image of the girl seems to disappear, she “fades away” with time. Indeed the artist dedicates, a large part of his practice collecting these images that disappear under sun light, by dint of being displayed in windows or on signs. He collects urban phantoms to give us an exhibition.

Born in 1972 in Skikda, Algeria, Faiçal Baghriche studied at the Villa Arson in Nice before moving to Paris. Favouring performance, photography and sculpture, he first examined the role of the artist in the social space before working on collective symbols.

View online : entrepriseculturelle.org/fayce/baghriche.html