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 May 03 –  June 02 2018

African Contemporary Art

Application Form BIENNIAL OF DAKAR 2018 (must be completed)


Ministre de la Culture et de la Communication

Secrétariat Général de la Biennale de l’Art africain contemporain


The International Exhibition of the Thirteenth Edition of the Biennial of contemporary african Art is open only to african artists and the diaspora. Candidates must submit a completed application form and the required documents, as described below, on a CD to be sent by e-mail to and by post before July 31, 2017 to the Secretariat General of the Biennial of Dakar, located at 19 avenue Hassan II 1st Floor. BP: 3865. Dakar Senegal. This file must include:

1.     the completed application form;

2.     a biography of up to 15 lines in English and French;

3.     a detailed curriculum vitae;

4.     two recent high-resolution pictures;

5.     a scanned copy of the valid passport until the end of 2018

6.     five high-definition reproductions (300 dpi for 30×50 cm) of works dating from January 2016 (artist’s property) on paper or digital (photographs, DVDs, CDs). The name of the photographer is required, as is the date of creation;

7.     a text presenting the works and their technical data (references of the parts, title of the work, dimensions, materials, value of the work and insurance, addresses of places of origin and delivery of works at the end of The biennial 2018);

8.     articles in art papers and critical texts on the artist’s work, one or more expert testimonials recognized (optional).

Points 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are mandatory. The NON-COMPLIANCE of these is a reason for rejecting the file.

Send your application to and by post before July 31, 2017 to the Secretariat General of the Biennale of Dakar, located at 19 avenue Hassan II 1st Floor. BP: 3865. Dakar Senegal.

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Artistic Director: SIMON NJAMI

The rebel

A minute too heavy or too beautiful weight on me since a long time

First tempting voice

I am the Red Hour, the  undone Red Hour

Second tempting voice

I am the hour of nostalgias, the hour of miracles..

General theme: I am the Red Hour, the undone hour, red. The red hour is an expression borrowed from Aimé Césaire in his play “and the dogs went silent” THAT talks about emancipation, freedom and responsibility.

Dak’Art 2018: The Red Hour

The Red Hour is the coming of age. It is the moment when one emancipates oneself from what has been by transforming it and giving it a new strength. It is the hour of metamorphosis and transformation.

Title of the International Exhibition: A new Humanity

This new humanity is referring to a Frantz Fanon’s text where the Martinique psychiatrist defines the decolonised man as “a new man”.


Address: 19, Avenue Hassan II – B.P.: 3865 Dakar- Senegal
Telephone: +(221) 33.823.09.18

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