Alongside aesthetic concerns, those relating to the art economy, art trade, and art relationship to world economy will also be high on the Dakar Biennale’s agenda.

Furthermore, part of the Biennale is the first official edition of the Dakar International African Art Market (MIAD) slated on the Monument of African Renaissance site, following the edition held in 2016 by visual artist and project’s initiator Kalidou KASSE. The MIAD aims at helping build a fertile environment where works of art are traded in physical and digital places, an environment open to the whole world. The Monument of African Renaissance site will be a place for exhibition and sale of works by artists from several countries (Senegal, France, Morocco, USA, Jamaica, Nigeria) and for networking.

The site will also host the « Professional Meetings » discussing critical issues such as culture financing, the African art market, the impact of COVID-19 on the visual art sector, as well as intellectual property rights attached to works.

The International Art Market Curator: Kalidou KASSE.