“The Dakar Biennale enhances creativity in its most beautiful expressions.”

With the fourteenth edition of the Biennale of Contemporary African Art (Dakar), Senegal reaffirms its leading role in promoting and enhancing visual arts.

The Biennale as a major artistic event dedicated to visual arts receives Africa’s largest audience with artists from Africa, its diaspora and other parts of the world as well as art professionals turning out en masse. It is intended to be a major international professional event devoted to contemporary art where creators, curators, experts, collectors, patrons and other institutions interact.

DAK’ART is at the crossroads of creators from diverse backgrounds, distinct but convergent art fields, spaces marked by continuities, themes that can appeal to a wide audience beyond art practitioners and specialists.

The Dakar Biennale stands out through its assertive and coherent approach of its conception as a showcase of African creativity. Today, by celebrating its 14th edition from May 19 to June 21, 2022, it prolongs and prides itself of being part of the international network of Biennales and Events dedicated to contemporary art. Such sustainability reflects awareness of the ambition and concomitant artistic, scientific, economic, political, social and educational missions of the Biennale, a major local and international event.

Spearheaded by the Government of Senegal, the Biennale remains unquestionably unique in its formula and scope, with exquisite aesthetic offerings and artistic choices, the guarantors of its prestige and reputation. The Government of Senegal is the main contributor to the Biennale (its contribution to the total budget for each edition having leaped from about 36% for example in 2008 to 75% since 2018). The Government has maintained this leading role, planning to allocate an annual 750,000,000 FCFA to the Biennale as of 2020. Additional resources are being mobilized from the national private sector as well as technical and financial partners (TFPs).

That is the importance Senegal devotes to organizing the Dakar Biennale, which has ended up being a platform, a showcase celebrating creativity in its most beautiful expressions.